What Is Talking Stoops About?

Talking Stoops shares stories from the lives lived inside New York City’s fabled 19th & 20th century row houses in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx.

Inspired by his neighbors Esther (Bunny) Arrington and Lucille C. Thomas, Michael started Talking Stoops to celebrate the brownstone stoop “griots” that share stories filled with characters and events in vivid detail from their days “on the block”.

Their stories reveal dynamic relationships between people from all walks of life that formed vibrant communities fashioned by the times, customs and traditions of the era.

Like good books and delicious food, community matters!

And its where we see our purpose in a post pandemic world.

As much as we want to forget how toxic 2020 was, we can’t ignore the scars its left or how fragile its made us.

In order to make a better wold from the one we’re leaving behind, it will take building on the goodwill we discovered exists in so many of us.

We believe it’s possible and its why Talking Stoops wants to do its part by featuring the lifestyle, art, food, politics, events, history and culture that foster enduring, thriving communities.

We want to bring attention to local businesses offering goods, services and experiences you’ll enjoy and a jobs board where people can share employment opportunities.

And that stoop sale you’re planning …

We know one person’s junk stuff can become another person’s gold stuff and we think we can facilitate these exchanges between neighbors with a “virtual stoop sale”.

Soon neighbors and digital passersby will be able to “rescue” your stuff from the landfill and (could) put some coin in your pocket.

More importantly, it could extend the use life and benefit others.

We’re building something special

And we’d love for you to be a part of it through our authorship program, where like minded creative individuals help bring awareness, value and community to readers at Talking Stoops.

Use the form below to find out more.